In the service of flaw detection,

Our company, PAL-MONT Kft., has been dealing with the representation of manufacturers of high-quality products in the field of NDT (material testing) and welding technology, distribution of their products, and installation of equipment since 2017. Our profile also includes the sale of NDT and welding consumables, tools, equipment and machines, devices, accessories and other products and the rental of some machines and devices. It is important to us that we can offer the right quality at the most favorable prices, feel free to ask us for an offer. We have many years of experience and technical background, we know the needs of the industrial sectors we cover. Contact us, we are ready to help you. It is worth following us and subscribing to our newsletter, as we share unique favorable offers with our subscribers.

Experience in establishing NDT shops and laboratories

We participate in projects where investors and corporations are about to open new plants what must include NDT departments and shops to conclude specific examination tasks on manufactured or assembled parts, items.

Our representative in these cases is Medárd, please contact him with your inquiry:árd-mészáros-045108249/

Industries we serve and supply

  • Aviation, Aerospace, Automotive, Nuclear, Oil-gas, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation and Distribution, Foundries, Manufacturing, Additive, Renewable energy generation, Military

Main products and services

Our company is covering the below listed product related sales fields:

    • NDT (+ Welding and Surface Treatment) supplies, consumables, equipment, devices and accessories
    • High-tech and digital NDT inspection systems and instruments

    • Personal protection equipment, respiratory protection products, disinfectants

    • FPI penetrant lines, simple penetrant benches with conveyors, dyeing, pre-rinsing, rinsing, oven, developer and inspection units
    • MPI benches (magnetic particle benches), Demagnetizers

    • Thermal imagers, industrial videoendoscopes/videoscopes

    • DRT inspection systems, X-ray equipment, radiographic accessories
    • 2D and 3D tomography CT cabins

    • Suction tables
    • Automated porosity detector systems

    • Automated visual optical measuring systems (mapping, topography)
    • Automated ultrasonic corrosion mapping and pipe welded joint inspection systems with crawlers
    • PT, MT, RT, UT consumables, testing materials, chemicals
    • Aviation, automotive and aerospace surface treatment consumables
    • Penetration, magnetic, ultrasonic reference blocks, cables and other accessories
    • Disinfectant consumables (hand sanitizers) and disinfectant devices (UV-C LED lamp), accessories

Our company is covering the below listed service fields:

    • Providing consultancy about NDT related projects, investments and methods

    • Providing establishment services for FPI lines, MPI benches, CT cabins, VT optical measuring and mapping instruments and UT inspection systems for NDT applications

    • Providing third party calibrations for MPI benches and FPI lines in collaboration with our Manufacturer Partners

Above mentioned services and its’ details shall be negotiated in advance before contracting.
Our Company as the Seller can not be obliged to perform services or to sell products without prior agreement.

Feel free to contact us at the given details, we are at your disposal and we will be glad to help.


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Devices to rent (inquire for device availability)

Renting an HD industrial videoendoscope
Renting a thermal imager
Renting other products (Inquire for more)


BLS respirators
Fotric thermal imagers
PEXRAYTECH digital x-ray systems
MITCORP industrial videoendoscopes
FLUXO water based fluorescent penetrants
SREM MPI benches and demagnetizers
AMS 2644 penetrants
BÖHLER TIG welders
BÖHLER plasma cutters

We supply our products for the following industries

Nuclear industry
Machine and components manufcaturing
Steel structure production
Oil and gas industry
Casting and foundries
Aviation and aerospace industry
Vehicle industry, mass production lines
Military and security industry